Welcome to the Stratton Ski & Board Club

The Ski & Board Club at Stratton, Inc. has a long heritage of providing support for young athletes interested in the sport of alpine ski racing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and other similar competitive disciplines. Many of our former members move on to compete and succeed at USSA regional and national events including the Junior Olympics. Athletes also have had success being named to High School State teams in Vermont and surrounding states, success racing for college programs both USCSA and NCAA, and membership of the US Ski Team Development Team. Many former athletes serve as coaches at schools and donate their time and passion for the sport introduced to them at Stratton to help teach the new junior athletes.

To better serve the growing number of families and junior athletes interested in joining our club, the board of the Ski & Board Club at Stratton, Inc. reviewed our by-laws and decided to re-organize our club into a 501(c)(3) to further progress our purpose and mission. This was voted on and endorsed by general membership during a membership meeting in February 2013. We were established as a 501(c)(3) in August 2015.

Our Objectives are:

• To foster, promote and advance participation in the growth and development of competitive skiing and snowboarding at Stratton Mountain.

• To support and develop amateur athletes for local, state, regional, national or international competition in competitive skiing and snowboarding.

• To seek continued improvements in sportsmanship and the competition experience for junior athletes.

• To maintain a strong sense of community through a quality membership.

• To offer activities to engage all its members.

To achieve our objectives we plan to focus on our athletes, our culture, and our membership.

Our focus on athletes will include support for advanced training which can include, authorized equipment, electronics and video support, advanced guest coaches, camps, fitness, nutrition, sports psychology, wellness, and lectures for parents and athletes. This may include financial sponsorship for the above, volunteer support for the above, meeting space for athletes and coaches in a club facility and communication and coordination support for the above.

To focus on culture and membership we plan to construct and operate a club house as a central place of ski club operations to allow for a strong sense of community. We intend to provide social events that allow networking between club members as well as social and educational events for athletes. We will encourage volunteer participation, train new volunteers and leverage multiple media to ensure club members are engaged in club activities.


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