Our Space restrictions…

With approximately 700 members including families, individuals, competition, and social, The Ski and Board Club is limited in club room space with only approximately space for 175 individuals (seats/ fire code). Our limited space restricts the number of new family full memberships available each year. Our membership committee reviews spaces made available by family's not returning, and those open spaces are made available to new families.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had our own ski club facility with more room for families….

Social Membership and The Waiting list...

Social Membership allows full participation in Ski Club Activities but limits ski club room access to Non-Holiday Weekdays only. Social membership puts families or individuals on the waiting list for the spots that open up when families or individuals choose not to renew membership. Believe it or not… a few individuals and families actually leave the Ski and Board Club every year.

In the past few years, typically 2-4 new Family’s and 3-6 individuals are transitioned off the waiting list to full family or individual membership every year.

You can be placed on the waiting list without social membership, however you will be placed on the waiting list behind those that are Social Members on the waiting list.

September is membership renewal time...

Each September, a call for renewal is sent to current members email address on file, using our web based membership platform. It’s your responsibility to make sure any change to your email address is updated on our web site. In early October renewal is closed and we take count of open family and individual slots and offer them to those on the waiting list beginning with social members. Interested new families, or individuals, are encouraged to join as social members during this membership renewal period. Membership is non-refundable and not transferable.

Membership Levels:

  1. Competition: Individuals enrolled in Junior Competition programs and their immediate family members, who otherwise are not members under any of the above classes. Restrictions on club room access.
  2. Social: Adult partners or single person with or without dependent children using the clubroom only on Non-Holiday Weekdays and for social events. Restrictions on club room access, club room access is only allowed for Non-Holiday Weekday periods.
  3. Family: Adult partners and dependent children (including children under the age of 24). Membership includes unlimited club room access.
  4. Adult: Adult partners or single person of majority age. Membership includes unlimited club room access.

The mission of the Ski & Board Club is to foster, promote and advance participation in the growth and development of competitive Skiing and Snowboarding at Stratton Mountain. These roles include purchasing and managing equipment used for training and competitions, and organizing volunteers to run races and competitions.  The membership fee goes toward equipment purchases for the various programs.  

If you are already a member of the Ski & Board Club, you do not register/apply/pay again; however, please go into your profile and check off the appropriate boxes under the competition program options.  Furthermore, please wait to renew your membership until you receive an email from the club.

If you are not a current member of the Ski & Board Club, please complete the application form. Only perform the competition membership application process once per family.  Note that some club social activities may require an entry fee.  With the contact information completed, you will be able to receive important communication related to the programs this season.

Note that this application is ONLY for families who currently have individuals enrolled in a competition weekend program.

You are also eligible for a Social Membership, which gives your entire family access to all of the Ski & Board Club's Social events, including the Thanksgiving Welcome Back Party, Wine & Cheese Apr├Ęs Ski Parties and the End-of-the-Year BBQ!  The Social membership fee includes your Competition Membership.  

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